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Business Computer Consulting - Five Things Clients Want

Business Computer Consulting Five Things Clients WantIt’s not rocket science to work out what clients typically want from a business computer consulting service. Yet, so many companies concentrate on the technology and forget the basics.

Memorize these five points and you should keep even the most demanding clients happy: 


  1. Systems that Work: This seems extremely obvious, but often IT professionals work away on the servers and rarely take the time to actually sit at a user’s computer and check that performance is good. Always remember to frequently step into users’ shoes.

  2. First Time Fixes:  When clients are asked why they ceased working with a previous IT company, they often say “we kept having to phone about the same problems—it drove us crazy.” Fix things, double check, and follow up. Never assume problems have been fully resolved—check. Otherwise, your client may be phoning a different business computer consulting service, rather than asking you again!

  3. Plain English: Non-technical people don’t enjoy being blasted with acronyms and terminology—it can make them irritated and defensive! Explaining technical things well to the less technical is a skill that all successful IT consultants have to develop.

  4. Proactivity: Always try to spot problems before they occur. If a server is reaching the end of its lifecycle and will need replacement at considerable expense, tell your client a year before the warranty expires and keep reminding them—don’t wait until days before or, even worse, after!

  5. Minimal Disruption: Complete your work discreetly and quietly. Be aware of the work going on around you and try to relate to the business impact it has if you take an IT service offline during the working day.

Above all, always try to see things from the client’s point of view

What do you do to ensure your clients are happy with your business computer consulting services? Share your tactics in the comments box below.

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