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How to Market Computer Services, So that Prospects Keep Appointments

Advertising can reach more people, but direct contact, for instance, by phone, is how to market computer services if you want to be sure of some action.

Get Prospective Customers Excited About Meeting with You


In that case, it’s often necessary to first “sell” an appointment to meet a prospective customer, and wait till that meeting before getting into the details of what you offer.  

No matter how great your services are, don’t try to make an appointment simply on the strength of a vision of what you do. Without something more substantial, the initial enthusiasm of customers for your meeting can rapidly evaporate, leading to their cancellation and disappointment.

Instead, announce the standalone benefits of the meeting that

  1. Will interest the particular customer you want to meet.

  2. Can be guaranteed to the customer when they agree to an appointment and meet you. 

Make the Meeting Benefits More Specific and Tangible

You can’t guarantee that you have the perfect solution for a customer before you meet.

However, you can promise a quick and meaningful estimate of cost savings by using remote management technology, a case study on self-repairing networks, a demonstration of a cloud service, or something similar. In short, you guarantee a real benefit as a reminder to the customer to be available for your meeting.

At the meeting, you then deliver what you promised over the phone (important—don’t skip this step about how to market computer services!), and then move towards your ultimate goal of seeing how your services can help the prospective customer and get him or her happily involved in your solution.

Standalone benefits like this can work for phone meetings and face-to-face encounters.

What kind of appointments do you set for doing business? Does your approach on how to market computer services differ accordingly? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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