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7 IT Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want Great SMB Clients

7 IT Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want Great SMB ClientsFor computer business owners who want to get better IT marketing results and attract great small business clients, this quiz can help you pinpoint your problems.

Work through these seven short IT marketing questions to start you thinking about where the gaps are in your marketing approach: 

  1. How much service revenue does your average small business IT client generate each year (annually)?

    • (A) <$5,000

    • (B) $5,000 - $11,999

    • (C) > $12,000

  2. Do you have a written IT marketing plan or calendar?

    • (A) No. I have some target goals in my head.

    • (B) Yes.

  3. How many different ways are you reaching potential clients besides word-of-mouth?

    • (A) 0

    • (B) 1-3

    • (C) 4+

  4. How well do you qualify your leads?

    • (A) I don’t do lead qualification.

    • (B) I kind of go with my gut.

    • (C) I have a standard set of questions to separate the true prospects from the “no-ways.”

  5. Do you have a written, step-by-step sales process?

    • (A) No.

    • (B) I just wing it with some basics I like to use.

    • (C) Yes.

  6. Do you follow up with prospects who don’t commit during the first meeting?

    • (A) No, they must not be interested.

    • (B) When I’m sure they’re interested, I think about calling later, but often forget.

    • (C) Yes, until they become clients or ask me to stop calling.

  7. How many hours per week do you usually spend on IT marketing, sales, and business development?

    • (A) < 4

    • (B) 4-8

    • (C) >8

If your answers were mostly “A,” you are reacting, not acting, and it no doubt shows. Make a goal to move at least toward the “B” answers over the next few months. 

If your answers were mostly “B,” you’re probably good at winging your way through your computer business. However, you can’t run a business on the fly—try to move toward the more formal “C” approaches where you can. 

If your answers were mostly “C,” evaluate whether your well-planned system is bringing desired results and consistently attracting great SMB clients. If not, there may be times you should learn to wing it! 

To follow through on these key steps to building a better business, download the free guide: Top 10 IT Marketing Strategies For Consistently Attracting New Business Clients to Your Small IT Business.

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