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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - April 25, 2012

4 Steps to Give Your Computer Consulting Marketing a New SPIN (Screencast)

4 Steps to Give Your Computer Consulting Marketing a New SPIN (Screencast)Part of good marketing is knowing how to attract the interest of prospective clients, without giving away all of your secrets. A helpful approach is the SPIN technique from the consulting company, Huthwaite, Inc.
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Richard Robinson Explains Google's 5 P's for Responsive Business

Responsive business is a buzzword that you hear a lot now. Learn about B2B marketing in a digital world and the five principles that Google believes businesses need to adopt in order to succeed.
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7 IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients (White Paper)

Close more IT sales faster with seven simple steps. Learn how to dramatically boost your closing rate. Find out how to virtually eliminate credit risks that can interfere with your IT sales compensation. Discover five key steps for closing more recurring revenue IT sales faster and with higher margins. And much more!
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How to Price an IT Support Agreement (Screencast)

Correctly pricing your support agreement is vital to gaining valuable clients for your computer business. Getting the price right is not a simple case of undercutting the competition. Follow these guidelines when you work on your pricing.
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4 IT Consultant Business Plan Steps on How to Get Started

It is sensible to put together a business plan before you get started on a new venture. Even if you don't need a business plan to seek financial investment, it is still wise to produce one in order to properly focus yourself on your business objectives. Learn a simple four-step process to help you produce your plan.
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How to Start a Computer Repair Business from Home (Screencast)

Wondering how to start a computer repair business from home? Learn five key points to consider before you get started.
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3 Computer Repair Franchises with Low Initial Investments

Putting together the cash to start a business can be a challenge in the best economic times. When banks are reluctant to lend and sinking home values push down your net worth, investing in a computer franchise might seem daunting. But there are a number of franchises that don't require a large injection of money up front.
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Starting an IT Consulting Business in a Sluggish Economy lists computer repair as one of 10 key businesses to start in a down economy. This is good news for those who are starting an IT consulting business. Computer repair...and its more upscale cousin, IT consulting...covers those needs that people can't seem to do without; the demand will continue, regardless of economic conditions. Learn three ways to keep your business profitable during the bumpy economic recovery.
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IT Distributors Moving to Cloud Service Provisioning

Distributors are currently using three different ways to make cloud computing services available for their computer dealers to resell. Amazon Consulting and the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) recently published "Redefining Distributor Value," describing how cloud services investment and risk vary for IT distributors, and how their involvement can range from the tactical to the strategic.
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HP AllianceONE Partner Program Helps Small Business Consultants Thrive

With sales and marketing support, virtual loaners, and partner rewards that accompany membership in the HP AllianceONE Partner Program, HP is a must-have brand for any small business IT consultant's line card.
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3 MCITP Certification Best Choices for Small IT Companies (Screencast)

There are a wide range of MCITP certification options available. Learn about the three certifications that are most relevant to the work of most small IT companies, such as computer consulting businesses, VARs, PC repair shops, and managed service providers (MSPs).
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