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Do Business Computer Consulting? Make Extra Revenue by Reselling

If you offer business computer consulting services, your customers are sure to need various hardware and software items on an ongoing basis. 


With this in mind, it would be a shame not to profit in some way from the items they buy. The solution may be to branch out into reselling.

Reseller Agreements

Most hardware and software companies offer reseller agreements and are keen to enlist business computer consulting companies to help them to sell their products.

If you plan to resell equipment and software, it is best to sign up as an official reseller for the products your clients frequently need, rather than simply attempting to source products and sell them at a markup. The latter strategy could cause you problems in terms of future warranty claims and support.

In addition, companies usually offer their resellers a range of benefits, such as access to promotional literature, reseller logos, and sometimes free internal-use software licenses to help you become familiar with their products.

Signing Your Business Computer Consulting Firm Up as a Reseller

Companies will usually want to find out a little about your business prior to allowing you to sign up as an official reseller

You will usually find a “resellers” link on company websites and can apply to reseller programs online. In other cases, you may need to get in touch with a reseller account manager who will explain how their reseller process works.

Reseller Commission

Typically, hardware and software companies offer commissions ranging from 5% to 25% of the sale value of everything you sell to your clients. 

When you apply this across the bulk of the products your customers buy, it is easy to see that failing to sign your business computer consulting company up to several reseller programs could result in you losing out on a superb source of revenue. 

Editor’s Note: Although some reseller programs simply pay your company a commission on referred sales, others require that your company purchase products at wholesale prices through an authorized distributor, tie up capital in inventory, select your own markup, and invoice and collect payments from customers. 

Does your business computer consulting firm act as a reseller and profit from it? Share your experience in the comments box below.

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