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How to Win a Computer Consulting Contract from a Competitor

The success of your IT business is likely to be dependent on your ability to continually build up computer consulting contract work.


Unless you plan to restrict your potential business to start-ups with no existing IT support, you are going to have to become comfortable with winning work away from your competitors. Thankfully, this can be easier than it sounds.

Clients who are completely happy with their existing computer consulting contract are unlikely to be willing to speak to you, so the clients you do get to pitch to are likely to be unhappy with their existing arrangements.

Here are three tips to help you win the work.

Offer a Free System Audit

Offering a free audit allows you to have a good look at the infrastructure and produce a report detailing problems and shortcomings.

Include a clear proposal to alleviate all of their problems and ensure you quote a competitive price.

Ask and Listen

Do your best to find out exactly why your prospective client is unhappy with their existing computer consulting contract.

Clearly explain how you would do things differently.

Provide a Proactive Handover

Departing IT companies are often unhelpful when they have lost a contract and fail to pass on important passwords and other details.

Be proactive in finding out what information you need prior to handover, so you don’t disappoint your new client with an inability to provide effective support from the start.

How do you go about winning a computer consulting contract from a competitor? Share your tricks and tactics in the comments below!

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