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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - June 13, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

June 13, 2012

How Computer Consulting Services Can Find New Client Contracts (Video and Transcript)
How Computer Consulting Services Can Find New Client Contracts (Video and Transcript)Do you need some new client contracts? If so, you're in good company. Most owners and managers of computer consulting services are constantly on the lookout for where their next new client contract is going to come from. In this video tutorial, you'll learn the answer to "where should I search for new contracts?"
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3 PC Repair Advertising Tips
Don't waste your money on ineffective PC repair advertising. Designing a home or business computer repair mailer can be a great way to generate leads, if you follow these three tips.
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How to Start a Computer Consulting Business (White Paper)
Learn about 11 key steps to take right away to get established professionally in business (pages 3-5). Find out 7 ways to keep your expenses low as you ramp up (pages 7-8). Build your initial client base with a simple, very low cost 9-step plan for getting in front of the right decision makers (pages 8-10). Fortify your IT startup with 4 sources of revenue so you don't put all your eggs in one basket (pages 10-11).
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The 4 F’s of Technology Marketing on a Limited Budget (Screencast)
An unlimited budget for your marketing? Dream on! Few if any organizations have that privilege. So here are four hints on how to get more out of your limited marketing budget and spend it effectively.
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How to Market a Computer Repair Business and Close Sales Faster
There are many steps in learning how to market a business. It's an easy mistake to skip a few steps, either because you don't think they're necessary, or you don't know about them. But marketing computer repair, like any other product or service, really hinges on time-tested techniques. Consider these four steps to put yourself in a position to close your sales faster.
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3 IT Marketing Ideas for Better Customer Engagement
If you're looking for good IT marketing ideas for engaging with your customers, show them how they can better engage with their own customers. According to industry gurus like Geoffrey Moore, the short-term answer for companies is not in information technology from the business sector, but from the consumer side.
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5 Ways to Position Your Computer Service and Sales Business
When entering a mature market, you need to focus your efforts to position your business in a way that will maximize your sales and beat out the competition. The question is, with so much competition out there, how can you differentiate your computer service and sales business? Learn 5 IT sales strategies that you can start using today, that will position your business for maximum effect.
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IT Support Contracts and Tracking Your Client Calls
If you wish to professionally deliver your support contracts, you need to ensure that all of your client calls are being logged. In addition to helping you to keep track of the work you are doing and of any issues that remain outstanding, tracking every support call helps you to prove your company's worth to each of your clients. Here are three ways to log and track calls.
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3 IT Support Contract Software Essentials for SMB VARs & MSPs
If you provide a support contract service to your small- and medium-sized business (SMB) clients, there are various types of software you can use to organize yourself and enhance the service you provide. If you are not using all three of the types of software suggested in this article, it is likely that starting to could make your life easier and improve your customers' perception of your services.
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Improve IT Consulting Rates by Targeting Sweet Spot Firms
When you're first starting an IT business, consider how you're going to get the kind of IT consulting rates that will make your firm profitable. To do this, you need to think about how small businesses work.
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Information Security Forum Says Business Needs New Security Strategies (Screencast)
The Information Security Forum (ISF) considers that businesses emerging from the downturn will now have to accelerate to avoid lagging cybercriminals...who didn't experience any downturn. In a recent report, "Threat Horizon 2014", the ISF forecasts increases in the variety and complexity of threats to information security and recommends that organizations react now.
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Symantec Gold Partner Program Can Increase Business and Profits
A technology provider business can gain an advantage when it becomes a Symantec Gold Partner. It enters a commercial relationship with a Fortune 500 company. Some of the credibility, success, and profitability of such a company can transfer by association.
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IT Certification Courses and Staying Up to Date (Screencast)
If you are familiar with IT certification courses, you are probably also familiar with how often IT certifications are changed and updated. It can be frustrating to complete a course and pass exams, only to find out shortly afterwards that the qualification has been updated. So, just how important is it to keep your own qualifications up to date?
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MVP Nation 2012 is World's First Windows 8 Conference
MVP Nation was the world's first conference to discuss Windows 8, something that guarantees it a place in IT conference history. It also offered live streaming for 500 virtual attendees. Technology providers could watch sessions and contribute to them from offices and homes around the world.
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IAMCP Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter Shares New Member Recruitment Secrets (Video)
An increase in paying membership from 7 to over 100 is what the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the IAMCP (the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) has recently accomplished. According to Donna Hegdahl, who coordinates the recruitment efforts, the secret for this success is in face-to-face selling. Her YouTube video clip on IAMCP Recruitment Best Practices describes a simple and effective method to increase membership that could also apply more generally.
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