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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - July 5, 2012

8 Computer Consulting Services with Great Facebook PagesSP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

July 5, 2012

8 Computer Consulting Services with Great Facebook Pages
By now, most well-established computer consulting services companies have some kind of Facebook business page presence. Some of these Facebook pages are great, many are mediocre, and quite a few need a complete overhaul.
In this post, you'll be introduced to eight great Facebook pages. And we'll highlight a few key points on each to help you apply these lessons to your own company's Facebook page.
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3 Ways to Optimize Your Computer Repair Ads on Facebook
Facebook Ads can work well when you are marketing IT services. If you want to run some computer repair ads for your business, then there are three things that you must do to optimize them.
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IT Service Contract Secrets for Getting More Repeat Clients and Recurring Service Revenue (White Paper)
Do you need more repeat clients and recurring revenue? Give your IT business a big running head start every time the calendar flips over to the first of the month (pages 3-5). Learn about three crucial elements that must be in your sales process (pages 6-8). Uncover the simple, step-by-step process that turns one-time customers into highly loyal, long-term IT service contract clients (page 9).
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Protect Your IT Sales Leads with Smarter Lead Nurturing (IT.Toolbox)
"Thanks, but I'm not ready to buy yet." How often do you hear some variation of that response from your sales leads? If you're thinking, "If I only had a dollar for every time I've heard that excuse," your experience is quite normal. Learn what you can do to protect your IT sales leads.
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Can You Make IT Consulting Sales Using Social Media?
The concept of social media is to provide a space for people to connect and communicate. They can do this one on one, one to many, or many to one. This is a great space to build relationships with people that you would not normally have the opportunity to access so readily. Social media is an ideal channel for your IT consulting sales process.
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Selling Computer Maintenance Contracts? Avoid These 3 Types of Clients
If you are in the business of selling computer maintenance contracts, it may seem strange for someone to suggest that it may serve you well to refuse to take on certain clients. However, all established IT businesses are likely to have come across some problematic customers, who, for various reasons, can prove to be more hassle than their contracts are worth. This article discusses some of these clients.
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Service Level Agreements and How to Collect Data
Agreeing to the terms of SLAs is only the beginning of an ongoing process. You also need to continually collect data related to the agreements in order to report back to your clients.
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Getting Your IT Consulting Firm Paid on Time
Every IT consulting firm needs smooth cash flow. Key to this is making sure your clients pay on time. By following the tips in this article, you can minimize late payments, as well as the business issues and stress that they can cause.
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How to Start an IT Company - Prioritizing Your Top 5 List (Screencast)
A few weeks ago, we came across an interesting question on LinkedIn Answers about the most important five or ten areas to focus on looking at how to start an IT company.
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For New IT Consulting Business: How Long Until Enough Clients? (IT.Toolbox)
If you're just getting started, how long on average should it take to have an IT consulting business running smoothly with a good amount of clients and a good amount of recurring revenue? Excellent question!
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When to Volunteer for Non-Profits and When to Politely Decline
I was recently asked, by the owner of a new computer support company, whether it's a good idea for a start-up like hers to volunteer for non-profits.
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