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3 Steps to Marketing IT Services to a Hyperlocal Clientele

Hyper-local marketing is a recent buzzword.

With the success of retailers catering to a very local marketplace, there’s reason to believe that marketing IT services, in the same way, can also work. The funny thing is that hyper-local marketing didn’t begin when search engines figured out how to target precise geographical locations.

In fact, it’s been around for a lot longer than the web. It has been in existence since the days of traders and hawkers calling out in the streets to promote their wares.

As societies industrialized and globalized, marketing approaches evolved to address larger and larger sectors. However, this brought its own challenges and limitations, and the local approach rose once again in popularity. While the technology and tools have changed, the underlying principles haven’t.

  1. Know your (hyper-local) customer. Whether it’s local businesses or residents, a common factor is what goes on in the community and news that specifically affects that community. Understanding what is “top of mind” means being acquainted with, and perhaps even participating in local community life.

  2. Care about your (hyper-local) customer. Different aspects of community events will affect people or companies in different ways. Understanding how and why can go a long way to building solid customer relationships, even if the issue at stake isn’t directly related to marketing IT services.

  3. Provide appropriately to your (hyper-local) customer. The IT services you provide will be most appreciated by your customers, and best differentiated from competitors, if they take into account your geographical proximity. Personal attention, sincere interest in aspects of local interest, and building word-of-mouth references instead of hard selling are likely to help you here.

How hyper-local do you get in your business when marketing IT services? Has it helped to insulate you from recent national economic woes? Let us know your take in the comments section below.

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