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4 IT Marketing Strategies That Won’t Break the Bank

Some IT marketing strategies that cost you very little at all, from a monetary perspective, can be highly effective. In fact, you’ll find that raising awareness of your business locally and on the Internet using these four methods can be highly effective and rewarding.

  • Workshops – Offer a workshop or series for a local networking group, the local business community, or a not-for-profit organization.

  • Internships – Make contact with the education providers in your area and offer work placements, internships, or mentoring to a handful of students every year. You can do this for students that are still of high school age, are at college, or are studying at facilities dedicated to IT training.

  • Webinars – Webinars can be expensive to set up, but if you use Google Meet, you have a live venue to broadcast and can also save the session instantly to your YouTube channel.

  • Content Creation – If you blog or have offline content about your business and area of expertise, make the most of it and convert the content into various formats, so that you can use them on various social media platforms. For example, you could have a blog post, a SlideShare presentation, a YouTube video, some status updates, and a newsletter, all based on one original piece of content.

The fact is that you need to pay for IT marketing strategies in some form. But if you think outside the box, then marketing your IT services does not always have to involve money.

If you are not paying in monetary terms, then you will almost certainly be paying in other resources, such as time. However, don’t let that hold you back. Simply assign a couple of hours a week to set up the processes and create the content that you need to support these ideas. Get creative and you will have some resounding successes with IT marketing strategies that don’t break the bank.

Have you created successful IT marketing campaigns that have cost you very little? Share your tips and tricks in the Comments section.

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