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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - August 22, 2012

IT Lead Generation on a Small BudgetSP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

August 22, 2012


IT Lead Generation on a Small Budget

When you start marketing IT services for your new business, it is unlikely that you have a large budget. So how can you successfully implement IT lead generation strategies on a limited budget?

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IT Services Marketing - Building Your Team with the Right Players (Screencast)

When planning IT services marketing campaigns for a startup, especially a VAR or MSP, the first inclination is often to start with the popular cookie-cutter shortcuts. But what if that just wasn’t enough? Or what if those simplifications were simply putting the cart before horse?

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3 Steps to Marketing IT Services to a Hyperlocal Clientele

Hyper-local marketing is a recent buzzword. But it didn't just come into existence when search engines figured out how to target precise geographical locations. In fact, hyper-local marketing has been around for a lot longer than the web. Learn 3 ways to use hyper-local marketing to attract great clients.

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5 Ways for Network Design Consultants to Build Their Reputation (Screencast)

If you’re a network design consultant, you might be finding it difficult to build your business’s reputation. It is not because of your lack of knowledge or skills, but because network design is not well understood by the public. Discover 5 simple ways to build up the reputation of your network design consultancy.

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IT Service Contract Secrets for Getting More Repeat Clients and Recurring Service Revenue (White Paper)

Need more repeat clients and recurring service revenue? Want to give your IT business a big running head start every time the calendar flips over to the first of the month?

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IT Consulting Rates Must Cover Your Overhead (Screencast)

When setting your IT consulting rates, are you charging too little? If you work too cheap, you’re simply setting yourself up for failure. Uncover 3 tips to get you thinking about not only covering your overhead, but making sure your company stays profitable.

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Technical Support Contracts and Customers' Common Complaints

Once you have been providing support contracts for a while, you begin to hear a standard set of complaints that customers typically have about IT companies. Often, these complaints are in reference to the service of a previous support provider who you have been brought in to replace. Be aware of these 5 common complaints to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of making similar mistakes that can cause you to be replaced.

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How to Start a Consulting Firm - 11 Simple Steps to Get You Started Today (IT.Toolbox)

If you’ve been thinking about how to start a consulting firm, you’re in good company. As the economy continues to give mixed messages, businesses of all sizes around the globe are turning to consulting firms instead of committing to more permanent employee hiring. IT consulting, in particular, is so hot that Inc. Magazine recently put IT consulting on its list of the top businesses to start up this year. So what are the first few steps that can get you started today?

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IT Consulting Firm Gets a Big Boost by Tapping into Feedback Loop

The American Express Open Forum website recently looked at how feedback can help the success of a business. Learn 3 ways to make your IT consulting firm more successful by being listening to this feedback.

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Value Added Reseller (VAR) Check-Up: Brand Loyal vs. Brainwashed (Screencast)

Often, the owner of a small, value added reseller (VAR) has some tough choices to make when it comes to deciding which platforms to invest in and which brands to represent. Like most things in life and in business, IT channel allegiances are rarely as cut-and-dry as the childhood game, "He/she loves me. He/she loves me not." Tune in as we walk you through a recent check-up to discover if a VAR is brand loyal, brainwashed, or somewhere in between.

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