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How An IT Service Company Can Land Its First Clients

How IT Service Company Can Land Its First ClientsIf you’re launching an IT service company, you’re no doubt worried about getting those first clients. A successful entrepreneur tells how he secured his first clients in an article for

The author, Jason Mitchell, said he started his social media company without a website, business cards, or client testimonials. His main three tips are adaptable for an IT service company as well:

  1. Be enthusiastic – You have to be your own cheerleader. This step is difficult for entrepreneurs who prefer to stay behind the scenes and are not natural salespeople. Talk to everyone you know about your IT company. Mitchell talked up his company in poker games and out on the golf course—leads, and projects, follow.

  2. Get your foot in the door – Mitchell was willing to offer low-bottom prices, including working for free, to secure promotional case studies. He advises that you trust that the quality of your IT service company will generate more work. Indeed, word-of-mouth referrals are always a strong source for leads. He acknowledges that you shouldn’t make a habit of discounting yourself—do be sure to get something in return for less-than-market-rate work (ask for three references; ask to use their name in promotional materials, etc.).

  3. Continue to be flexible with pricing – As the company grew, they continued to offer low prices in certain situations. In their case, they took on a professional sports team not yet sold on the product. They were in it for the high-profile client, which led to more work. In addition, the client eventually asked them to do more work.

Follow these tips to get your IT service company on its way. If you have tips on how your IT company landed its first clients, share them in the Comments section below.

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