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What Geeks on Call Offers Its Franchisees

Geeks on Call is an IT support company for What Geeks on Call Offers Its Franchiseesbusinesses and home users that operates on a franchise basis. The company describes itself online as the “largest IT services franchise operation in the world.”

If you are considering starting an IT business, you may be thinking about partnering with Geeks on Call or a similar franchise operation, rather than going it alone. This article lists the main benefits that Geeks on Call offers its franchisees:

1. Partner Products and Services

Operating a Geeks on Call franchise gives you access to a host of products and services that you can sell on to clients, including Web design, voice and data services, and mobile communications.

2. Training and Support

Geeks on Call offers training to its franchisees, as well as online access to training and support resources.

3. Infrastructure

Geeks on Call provides a website for each of its partner franchisees and allows use of its telephone infrastructure, so that franchisees can direct potential clients to a centrally-manned free phone switchboard.

4. Recruitment Support

Geeks on Call provides franchisees with assistance in recruiting good staff to work within their IT businesses.

5. Marketing Assistance

The franchiser also provides email marketing templates and conducts local marketing campaigns on behalf of its franchisees.

Studying the above list will help you to decide whether the services Geeks on Call offers make it wise to start your business as a franchise rather than going it alone.


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