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Why IT Consultants Need to Embrace Fear and Failure

Why IT Consultants Need to Embrace Fear and FailureWhen IT consultants start out on their own, it’s natural to worry about failing. One successful entrepreneur says failure is not the problem—odds are you’re going to fail a lot. The key is not to fear the failure.

The Boston-area website posted this interview with Coach Wei, CEO of the software company Yottaa. Launched in 2009, Yottaa makes software to increase how fast a website opens in a browser. The inspiring interview with the optimistic Wei includes these insights:

  • Don’t fear the failure – Wei points out that the nature of a startup is that you’re up against the odds. He says you are going to fail a lot; failure is part of the course. Just continue to go after your goal and you will find a way.

  • Mistakes are OK – Wei says that he makes mistakes all the time. Know that you will make mistakes; the key is to learn from the process. Over time you will get better as an IT consultant.

  • Appreciate the opportunity for creativity – A startup is always about creativity—trying to figure out ways to beat the odds. Wei enjoys trying to solve the kind of challenges presented with a startup that aren’t available in larger companies.

IT consultants would do well to embrace this CEO’s enjoyment of every step in building companies. Share your own tips on embracing failure in the Comments section below.

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Image Source: TeamYottaa YouTube Channel

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