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Partnering with Rescue Geeks – How it Works

Rescue Geeks is a Partnering with Rescue Geeks How it Worksfranchise-based IT company that covers all of the USA and Canada. Rescue Geeks differs from several other computer franchise opportunities in that the organization charges no fees to join.

Rescue Geeks offers a range of technical services to businesses and private clients. As well as covering standard IT services such as server installations and PC fixes, Rescue Geeks also deals with the installation of EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems, alarm systems, and phone switchboards.

How Does it Work?

Technical professionals with relevant experience can apply to the company to become an independent contractor under the Rescue Geeks banner.

Once accepted, technicians are offered technical jobs in their area, which they can accept or turn down.

Contractors are paid a fixed fee for each successfully completed job, usually equating to around 65%-80% of the price charged to the client.

What is Required?

Rescue Geeks clearly defines what it expects of their potential contractors.

Contractors must live in a metropolitan area, have an A+ certification, and/or two years of relevant hands-on experience.

In addition, there are various operational requirements such as the need for a vehicle, a laptop, and a broadband connection. All of these items are the responsibility of the individual contractor, and not Rescue Geeks.


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