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Outsourced IT Support – Selling the Benefits

Outsourced IT Support Selling the BenefitsIf you’re selling outsourced IT support, you’re sure to encounter potential customers who are considering handling their IT internally.

If these customers need convincing of the value of an outsourced model, it’s useful to have the key benefits clear in your head, so you can emphasize them as part of the sales pitch. Here are three things to highlight:

1.       Outsourcing Frees Up Internal Resources

A common idea for many SMEs is to employ an office manager with some technical skills and assign IT work to them. This rarely works out well, as the employee will inevitably end up with various other demands on their time.

Outsourcing IT leaves all employees free to concentrate on the business while someone else worries about the technical issues.

2.       Outsourced IT Support Shifts Risk

A company that handles its IT internally takes on all the potential risk associated with IT security, failed backups, and user error.

Companies outsourcing IT move some of this risk to their supplier, which indemnifies them against potential consequences.

3.       IT Consultants Have Unique Skills and Experiences

Customers who outsource IT benefit from knowledge, experience, and learned lessons from across their IT supplier’s client base.

Often, experience with a previous client may lead an IT consultant to perform a task in a more refined way. Companies trying to “go it alone” will never benefit from this knowledge.


Do you provide outsourced IT support? What do you say to clinch the deal? Share your sales tactics in the Comments below.

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