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For Computer Company Logos, Being Quick On the Draw Isn’t Everything

For Computer Company Logos Being Quick On the Draw Isnt EverythingThey can seem so simple, yet computer company logos can take a surprising amount of effort to get right. It’s because a logo that really works for your business needs to sum up in a second or two what your company is about. This is already hard enough to do with the words of a slogan—now imagine having to do it with “just” a logo!

What Do You Really Stand For?

What do you really offer customers?

It might be less Microsoft Server maintenance or custom Linux programming, and more IT creativity, responsiveness, or peace of mind. That’s why just drawing a computer screen as your logo may not work, if it doesn’t really tell your customers what you can bring.

Honing In On a Better Choice of Computer Company Logo

Some companies use their name for their logo, some use a graphic, and some do both. While we can’t tell you which way to go, here are a few pointers to help filter choices. Ask yourself:

  • Is this logo appropriate for my business? The more your logo conveys what you really offer, the better.

  • Is my logo simple? Ideally, your logo will instantly prompt customers to think of the main added-value you bring.

  • Is it memorable? Seeing your computer company logo again should elicit an “Aha! That company again” type of reaction from your market.

  • Is it “future-proofed”? Product lines change, but values like peace of mind will always be appreciated. Pick your logo accordingly.

  • Is it versatile? Color, font, and the type of graphic (raster or vector) needs thinking about. Your logo needs to work even when printed in black and white, or magnified times 50.

Which computer company logo (perhaps your own?) impresses you the most? Give us your pick in the Comments section at the end. 

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