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Can You Expect IT Lead Generation Instantly from Business Networking?

Can You Expect IT Lead Generation Instantly from Business NetworkingExpectations define actions. Business networking frequently gets nipped in the bud, simply because results don’t seem to come quick enough. Although IT lead generation by networking with contacts doesn’t have to be long and arduous, it’s like baking bread: you have to allow for a little time for your dough to rise. So why might your patience then be rewarded?

  • IT lead generation in general is important for your profits, and beats the passive “let them find me” approach.

  • Business networking can generate leads as a low-cost activity, and therefore be more accessible to you when you’re running a small business.

  • Networking with business people helps get you into contact with decision makers you otherwise would not have known existed.

  • You can get good leads if you and your networking partners follow a few basic lead-swapping guidelines.

  • And finally (and this is why you have to “wait for your dough to rise”), business networking also needs a little time for a positive relationship to be built between you and your fellow networker. This takes mutual trust, appreciation, and respect.

So, no, you can’t expect immediate IT lead generation through networking. Count on it taking some time to get started.

On the other hand, exceptions are always possible. If someone passes you a serious lead just minutes into your first networking event (perhaps she’ll look good to her client for having quickly sourced someone with your skills), then be the true professional you are and follow it up. And of course, remember to return the favor at the next opportunity.

Which lead-swapping networks work best for you? Which kind of contacts do they involve? Share your experiences with us in the Comments section below.

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