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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - November 5, 2012

5 Consulting Marketing Steps for Finding the Right Niche (Screencast)SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

November 5, 2012

5 Consulting Marketing Steps for Finding the Right Niche (Screencast)
Whatever people say, the world is not your oyster, and neither is it your niche. It’s too big and too busy to care about any particular consulting organization, big or small. On the other hand, the chances of success can multiply dramatically if you identify a particular sector corresponding to what you specifically have to offer. Here’s our five-step guide for setting about consulting marketing to the right niche.
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How Your Computer Services Company Can Jump Start Networking
If you run an IT services company, you know that networking can be the key to quality clients. However, many people dread the thought of networking. It seems fake to force yourself to talk to people at those awkward events. Find out how to get better bottom-line results from your networking.
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How Solution Providers Can Close More Sales with Mackay Sales Tie-Downs (Screencast)
When you meet with prospective clients, are you simply giving the same presentation over and over again? Could you do it in your sleep? And speaking of sleep, have you ever had anyone nod off during your presentation?
Learn why solution providers often walk away without closing the sale...and more importantly, what you can do about it.
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IT Service Contract Secrets for Getting More Repeat Clients and Recurring Service Revenue (White Paper)
Give your IT business a big running head start every time the calendar flips over to the first of the month (pages 3-5). Position your service contract program for maximum revenue and profitability (pages 5-6). Learn about three crucial elements that must be in your sales process to build a business around service contracts, repeat clients, and recurring service revenue (pages 6-8). Uncover the simple, step-by-step process that turns one-time customers into highly loyal, long-term IT service contract clients (page 9).
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Running IT Consulting Contracts -- Getting Paid Fast
If you offer consulting contracts to your clients, it’s important to make sure they pay you promptly and consistently. Late payment can make things very difficult and build resentment between you and your clients. Focus on these five suggestions to help you get paid fast.
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Starting a Consulting Business? 7 Ways to Lower Your Startup Costs (IT.Toolbox)
When you're starting a consulting business, your startup capital is one of the commodities in shortest supply. The other big scarcity factor is usually time. If you're like most mere mortals and limit yourself to only working seven days a week, you'll likely benefit from this list of seven ways to conserve resources and lower your startup costs.
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Becoming a Software Reseller -- A Good Source of Extra Income? (Screencast)
Have you considered becoming a software reseller as a way of supplementing your computer business? If not, it’s worth giving it some thought, as it can be an easy way to increase your turnover (revenue). Learn two main ways of becoming a software reseller.
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Comparing IT Franchise Opportunities -- What to Focus On
If you are comparing different IT franchises, it can be useful to focus on some specific things to help you narrow down your choices. This article suggests five factors that should definitely form part of your decision making process.
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QuickBooks ProAdvisor Offers Training, Software, and Marketing Tools
For an annual or monthly fee, a company can access training, software, and marketing tools related to QuickBooks accountancy solutions. Find out if this program's right for your business.
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Becoming Mac Certified -- Why It Could Be a Great Idea (Screencast)
Are you thinking about becoming Mac certified? The widespread popularity of Apple computers makes Mac certification a rather compelling proposition for IT professionals working with SMEs. Find out three significant reasons why Mac certification could prove valuable.
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Apple Distributors vs. Apple Retail -- Ongoing Rivalry
Trying to balance direct and indirect sales is a longstanding challenge for many IT vendors, but Apple distributors may see this as more of a problem than others.
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