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Creating Software Solutions – The Career for You?

Creating Software Solutions The Career for YouStarting a business creating software solutions may be a good move for you if other IT business options (such as providing support or managed services) do not appeal.

If you are considering creating software solutions, it’s wise to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you enjoy relatively solitary work? (Software development usually involves a lot less day-to-day interaction with other people, compared to other types of IT work).

  2. Do you enjoy intricate tasks where a high level of attention to detail is required?

  3. Do you have in-depth knowledge of programming languages and / or database frameworks?

  4. Are you prepared to engage in a continual learning process to stay up to speed with new development skills?

  5. Do you have the ability to manage client expectations and clearly translate their requirements into effective functionality?

As you can see from the list of questions, the skills and abilities you need to develop software for clients differ significantly from those you would require to operate an IT support business.

Your answers should give you a pretty good idea of whether creating bespoke (custom) software solutions is something that you would enjoy and be good at.


Do you work in software solutions? What essential skills do you think are required? Share your views in the Comments box below.  


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