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Small Business Consulting Firms Need to Track Trends

Small Business Consulting Firms Need to Track TrendsAs a small business consulting startup, it’s important to stay on top of trends.’s Small Biz section offers some advice in an article titled, “10 Ways Startups Can Track Trends: And Why it’s So Important.” The author, Rieva Lesonsky, is a former editor at Entrepreneur Magazine and currently CEO of GrowBiz Media.

Here are three of Lesonsky’s tips:

  • Track industry news – Schedule a time to regularly keep up with the latest industry happenings. This can be from relevant websites, newsletters, or blogs—wherever IT professional services are being discussed.

  • Go to where the customers are – This means getting out of the office. Attend conferences where potential clients will be. A key for small business consulting is to know the businesses you are helping—track their trends and issues as well.

  • Pay attention – Listen to what people talk about. Things that people like or don’t like in one area can often translate to another. Listen to what people are up to and ask questions.

A big part of success at small business consulting is finding what your customers need.

So staying on top of trends can pay off.


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