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Consulting Contracts – Persuading New Clients to Give You a Try

Consulting Contracts Persuading New Clients to Give You a TryCustomers will often be reluctant to sign up to long-term IT consulting contracts before they are confident of your abilities.

This article suggests three methods you can use to convince reluctant clients that you are the person for the job.

“No Fix, No Fee”

A good way to show a prospective client that you know your stuff is to offer to fix a troublesome system issue on a “no fix, no fee” basis. Often, clients will be suffering through annoying technical problems, and perhaps problems that their current support provider has failed to rectify. Offer to fix them, and promise to charge nothing if you’re unsuccessful.

Introductory Offers

If you’re sure that you can make yourself seem utterly indispensable to a new client, then offering an introductory discount will be a small sacrifice to gain long-term business.

Free System Audits

A few hours of your time spent reviewing a customer’s network in detail and producing an impressive report could pay dividends if it convinces them of your expertise. Many IT professionals use free site surveys to gain consulting contracts—because it works.


What methods do you use to sign customers up to your consulting contracts? Share your strategies in the Comments box below.  


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