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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - December 10, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

December 10, 2012


How to Market IT Services through Your Blog
How to Market IT Services through Your BlogYour blog and your website are the main digital hubs for your business. All of your social media efforts should be driving traffic to this hub. Therefore, how you market IT services on the site is going to be vital for converting visitors to clients.
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How Network Consulting Companies Can Consistently Find New Clients (IT.Toolbox)
Many network consulting companies struggle to consistently find new clients. There are a host of reasons that prevent owners and managers of all kinds of small businesses from succeeding in their quest for client acquisition. In this article, we'll look at how network consulting companies like yours can quickly and easily overcome this obstacle that can stand in the way of the survival of their businesses.
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VAR Sales Can Extend Your Business Reach
Deciding to become a VAR is not something that you should consider lightly. VAR sales can be a significant part of your business model, but you should proceed with caution and make sure that you carry out adequate research to ensure that the program offers your business the following.
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Consulting Contracts -- Persuading New Clients to Give You a Try
Customers will often be reluctant to sign up to long-term IT consulting contracts before they are confident of your abilities. This article suggests three methods you can use to convince reluctant clients that you are the person for the job.
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Take the IT Service Contracts Recurring Revenue Quiz
Do you own or manage a computer consulting business, VAR, network integrator, IT solution provider, MSP, system builder, or computer repair business? Do you market to local small business clients? Do you want to generate predictable, recurring service revenue?
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What Services Should a Network Security Consultant Offer? (Screencast)
Becoming a network security consultant is an alternative to other well-trodden IT career paths...such as providing general support or developing software. Here are three possible services you could provide to customers as a network security consultant.
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Microsoft Partner Feedback Leads to Change for Small Biz Competency
Microsoft partner feedback has prompted a change to the Microsoft small business competency. IT service providers working with Office 365 may wish to take note.
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Starting an IT Support Company -- Do You Need Staff? (Screencast)
When you first start an IT support company, one of the biggest decisions is whether to hire staff from the outset, or to go it alone.  While this article doesn't seek to provide a definitive answer to the question of staffing, it provides you with four points to help you come to a decision.
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9 Directions Technology Distributors Might Go in 2013
Technology distributors are increasingly driving the types of solutions available with their own cloud and managed services offerings; the possibilities are multiplied with each additional vendor product offering. However, a number of the potential directions for 2013 will be determined by end-user requirements that can be grouped into three basic categories.
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Top IT Certifications for Beginners (Screencast)
You may be wondering about the top IT certifications for beginners, especially if you are just starting out in the industry. The article suggests three certifications that are relatively straightforward and mark a good transitional path for skilled enthusiasts who wish to turn pro.
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