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The Top 5 Managed IT Services Blog Posts of 2012

The Top 5 Managed IT Services Blog Posts of 20122012 has been a busy and interesting year in the world of managed IT services, with plenty of exciting technical developments. However, the basics of providing services, pricing them correctly, and keeping clients happy changes little from year to year, as is illustrated by this list of the five most popular managed IT services blog posts of 2012.

Top 3 Software Support Contract Pitfalls to Avoid

This article focuses on three errors IT support providers can make in their contracts that are guaranteed to make their lives far more difficult than they need to be. Why not have a look and check to see if you’re making any of these “schoolboy errors”?

The Perfect Computer Service Call Report Format

Producing good documentation provides you with so many benefits, from making your IT business look more professional, to encouraging your customers to become more proactive in looking after their own PCs.

If you know that documentation isn’t your strong point, consider using this computer service call report as a good starting point for next year.

How to Price an IT Support Agreement

Pricing is sure to be one of your main concerns when providing managed IT services. After all, getting it wrong can mean you either lose business or work in an unprofitable way. This post contains useful tips to make sure you get your pricing right every time.

3 Ways to Structure IT Maintenance Contracts

Getting contracts right is essential to minimize your stress and make sure all parties are expecting the same thing from the support provider/client relationship. This popular article suggests three different methods you can use to structure contracts in a way that works for you and your clients.

How to Sell an IT Service Contract

Before you make any money from managed IT services, you must first sell support contracts! This useful marketing article helps you champion the benefits to potential customers, and persuade them to sign up.


What has been the most significant development in the world of managed IT services for you this year? Share your opinion in the Comments box below.  


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