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Consulting Marketing: Concentrate On Your Personal Brand

Consulting Marketing Concentrate On Your Personal BrandAs an IT consultant and/or a solopreneur, you are your brand. So when you’re looking to build your IT consulting marketing campaigns you need to make sure that you align them with the experience that your customers will receive.

If you’re in the camp that you think that personal branding is a waste of time or that it’s something that doesn’t concern you, then you’ll want to read on. You might not like the terminology, but it’s something you do need to pay attention to.

Exceed Expectations

It’s no use launching a flashy marketing campaign that’s at odds with how you run your business, your personal style, and your ethos, because that’s not what the customer is going to get when they transact with you. To delight your customers you need to exceed their expectations, so make sure that you deliver and improve upon everything you promise in your campaigns.

Before you pull together an IT consulting marketing campaign you should sit down and draw out your end-to-end customer experience. Think of all the points where you connect with them during their purchasing cycle, then during your sales process and beyond into the project and ongoing support/contact. Make sure that every touch point has the same branded look and feel whether it’s via email, on your website, on the phone, in person, via a brochure, or an advertisement.

Bring Extra Value

How you treat your clients and the extra value you bring to the table are what differentiate your business from others. This should be clearly expressed in everything you do, so it must reflect you as an individual and you as a consultant or there will be a disconnect somewhere along the line.

A semantic aversion to the term “personal branding” seems to be the reason that many IT consultants choose to ignore the need for it. As an introvert, I understand this position to a certain extent, but you have to get a grip on it in order to grow your business. 


Do your IT consulting marketing campaigns provide your audience with a real sense of your business? Let us know how you achieve this in the Comments section


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