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3 Ways to Do IT Marketing to Your Sweet Spots

3 Ways to do IT Marketing to Your Sweet SpotsIf you play tennis or golf, you probably know about the sweet spot. It’s the part of your racket or club that allows you to hit the ball hardest, straightest, and with the least effort. In IT marketing, sweet spots exist too. Finding them can mean considerable differences in the amount of effort you have to put in, and the level of results you can get out. Here are three possibilities to consider:

1. Your Offering

It sounds obvious, but it’s worth repeating. To do best with the least effort, you want to supply something that many customers want and that few suppliers offer, like Apple’s iPhone for example. Whether your sweet spot comes through product exclusivity, unique technical knowhow, or some other differentiator, the important thing is to have one.

2. Your Prospecting

While there are many ways to prospect, picking up the phone and calling is still a valid technique. But call whom? The theory is that C-level people (CFOs, COOs, etc.) are harder to reach than middle management. So everybody tries to call middle management, while C-level executives are then relatively easy to reach and have more decision-making power: calling them means less IT marketing effort for more results.

3. Your Advertising

Figuring out the best pricing tradeoff for PPC ads or when to air a TV ad is “kinda” finding a sweet spot. However, you’re competing with other advertisers and a tendency of people to mentally block out ads anyway. Better is if you can get someone trusted by your target audience to endorse your solution to them, answering a general interest in a way that few of your competitors can match. 


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