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Putting IT Marketing Strategies in Their Place

Putting IT Marketing Strategies in Their PlaceIf you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between IT marketing strategies and tactics, objectives, or missions, you’re not alone. As a first step, consider this general definition of a strategy: “A strategy is a coherent mix of policy and action designed to surmount a high-stakes challenge” (Richard Rumelt). Naturally, what constitutes “high stakes” for you will depend on your business.

The Big Picture

The next step is to position IT marketing strategies in relation to the other terms. The order is important; for example, you need to define your objectives before trying to nail your strategy.


What to Work On

Quick Definition

Simple Example

Start here…

Company mission

What your company is trying to do for its customers

“Bring our customers rapid, reliable repairs to computer systems that we then maintain in good working order for them”

…then do this…

Company objectives

They convert the mission into performance targets

“Over the next 12 months, build a base of customers to achieve $50,000 gross operational profit, and to continue to contribute to profit in the year after that”

…then this…

Marketing strategy

Plan or policy for achieving a company objective

“Concentrate on the local business market and earn references from satisfied customers”

…to finally do this.

Marketing tactics

The actions for converting strategy into results

“Contact X, Y, and Z companies directly this week, and place our ad in the local yellow pages”

Final Check

Check that you’ve got it right by working backwards. Tactics have to help the strategy work, the strategy must help the company achieve its objectives, and the objectives have to contribute to the company’s overall mission. 


Which IT marketing strategies have impressed you? Give us your take on companies that you think got it right by adding a Comment below.  


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