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Providing Computer Support – Which Jobs Should You Avoid?

Providing Computer Support Which Jobs Should You AvoidIf you’re in the business of providing computer support, it may seem foolish to ever turn work away, but sometimes that’s exactly what you should do.

Not all IT tasks are equal. This article suggests three scenarios where you may be better to pass up a job and wait for something less stressful or more lucrative to come along.

  1. Ancient Kit (Equipment) – Some computer users and companies stubbornly refuse to upgrade their equipment. This is their choice, but you don’t have to agree to support it. Old kit is often slow, well outside of its hardware warranty, and gradually more incompatible with the latest software and devices. There’s a limit to what you can do with this old equipment, so avoid situations where you suspect you may regret ever having become involved.


  2. Unstable Systems – Most IT professionals have, at some time, inherited unstable networks, often running unlicensed software and old, unsupported applications. Amateur techies or incompetent IT professionals have invariably set up these systems and left them with no documentation. Think very carefully before you take these systems on. After a very short period, everything that goes wrong will become your fault, and things are often difficult to unravel without inadvertently stopping something working or losing some hidden data. If your instinct tells you to steer clear, then listen to it.

  3. Idiots – There’s no polite way to say it: when you’re providing computer support, you’re going to encounter some idiots—people who are rude, impatient, or just plain incompetent. You don’t have to work for them—this is one of the great benefits of self-employment. If you go home upset or angry every time you deal with a specific client, then send them packing—they’re not worth the revenue.


Do you ever refuse to provide computer support? What are your nightmare customers like? Share your horror stories in the Comments box below


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