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Four Things Every IT Professional Must Do

If you are a true IT professional, there are four things that you must do consistently to stay up to speed with the industry and meet your obligations to customers. Here’s what they are:

  1. Encrypt Your Data. As an IT professional, you’re sure to store information about customers’ systems, even if this information is limited to e-mail conversations that reveal infrastructure details. As such, you should encrypt your company computer(s) and server(s) as a matter of course. This removes the risk of security breaches if your business equipment is lost or stolen.

  2. Backup Regularly. You’re sure to tell your customers to do so, but are you on top of backups for your OWN data? Make sure you lead by example! 

  3. Follow Industry News. As an IT professional, you probably show a keen interest in the world of technology. Regardless, you must make sure you stay in touch with technology and media. Customers will expect you to talk coherently about all kinds of new technologies, security vulnerabilities, and products.

  4. Answer Phone Calls and E-mails. No customer likes an elusive IT professional. If you want your clients to respect you and recommend you to their peers, make sure you promptly respond to every communication—this way, clients know that you can be relied upon.

What do you think are the essential attributes of a quality IT professional? Share your views in the Comments section below

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