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IT Managed Services – How to Sell the Idea?

IT Managed Services How to Sell the IdeaIf you’re keen to move your customers away from a traditional break / fix or hourly payment model and onto IT managed services, you’ll need to put some thought into how best to sell the idea to them.

The IT managed services model is undoubtedly popular now, and can help your IT business by ensuring you consistently earn a predictable stream of revenue. This article discusses three ways to sell the idea:

  1. Demonstrate Potential Cost Savings – Showing customers a record of their historical spending on IT support can work well to convince them of the benefit of IT managed services, especially if the monthly fee you are suggesting works out more economically.

  2. Bundle Additional Services – It makes sense to present IT managed services as a completely new way for a company to address their IT needs. Consider all the things a company currently pays for separately, such as backup, Internet security and monitoring and present them as an all-inclusive service—at a price point that’s sufficiently tempting!

  3. Explain the Market – Take time to explain to customers that moving towards managed service is an industry trend that’s working for businesses of all sizes. Many businesses are keen to stay up to date with trends, and their desire not to continue working in a way that’s considered “old fashioned” can be a powerful motivator.

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