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The Value of a Network Design Diagram

The Value of a Network Design DiagramDo you produce a network design diagram for each of your customers?

Even if a network infrastructure is relatively simple, it’s well worth documenting it visually. This helps for the following reasons:

  1. If you have helpdesk staff who have to provide support for systems they haven’t seen in person, a network design diagram can help them to gain a coherent understanding of how the infrastructure fits together.

  2. A network design diagram can help customers enhance their own understanding of how their network functions.

  3. A detailed diagram will help other technicians or third parties understand a network—this is invaluable if, for example, a client implements a third-party system or if a disaster occurs and a newcomer needs to support the network.

Producing a network design diagram is a simple, quick process, especially if you use a software product intended for the task such as Microsoft’s Visio. You should include key details such as server hostnames and IP structures.

If you explain the points above to your customers, they should see the value of having a diagram as part of their core system documentation and, hopefully, be happy for you to bill them a small amount of time for producing it!


Do you maintain network design diagrams for each of your customer sites? Share your practices in the Comments box below


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