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Computer Franchises – Three Different Types

Computer Franchises Three Different TypesIf you’ve begun to look into the various computer franchises offered as business opportunities, you’ll know you’re spoiled for choice.

If you’re finding it hard to decide on the right opportunity for you, then it’s useful to break things down a little: Fundamentally, there are three different key types of computer franchises, all specializing in a slightly different area of IT services. This article explains the three types, which will hopefully help you to narrow down your choices a little.

  1. Traditional IT Support Franchises – These franchises concentrate their business on providing IT support to homes and businesses, usually on an on-site basis but sometimes with a focus on remote support. Examples of franchises like this include Computer Troubleshooters and Fast-Teks.


  2. Retail Franchises – Retail computer franchises have shop-front premises, often in high-profile shopping malls. They aim their business at the consumer market, and due to their locations often have high startup costs. Examples of retail computer franchises include Supergeeks and Data Doctors.

  3. Specialist Franchises – Some computer franchises provide a specialist angle, sometimes alongside a more traditional IT support offering. These franchises include iFixandRepair, who specialize in tablets and smartphones, and Data Doctors, who provide a data recovery service alongside traditional support and helpdesk services.

If you’re looking at computer franchises, it makes sense to decide exactly what work you want to do in your business—then you can narrow your options.


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