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The Perfect Network Admin – Three Essential Qualities

The Perfect Network Admin Three Essential QualitiesProviding a great network admin and IT support service isn’t easy. This article explores three qualities that the perfect network admin should possess. These are the qualities that mark the difference between a good IT professional and a GREAT IT professional.

  1. Instinct – Perfect network admin people have a true instinct when it comes to technology and possess the ability to put themselves inside the brain of the average user. Here’s a real-world example: A network admin is told that a user has scanned a document and e-mailed it, but that the recipient only sees “strange script” upon opening the file. An IT professional with instinct will wonder straight away if the user has renamed the file but left out the .JPG or .PDF file extension. It’s this ability to quickly arrive at the most likely scenario that separates those who’ve learned theoretical IT from those who have an instinctive feeling for why things occur.


  2. Patience – IT professionals constantly have to deal with individuals who will never fully understand the technology they’re working with. As a result, patience in explaining things in simple terms is an essential quality.

  3. Attention to Detail – Some network admin people implement solutions to problems and then walk away. Great network admin professionals test and test again—and then they reboot and test again. This latter group become the “go-to” people for users (and clients) who know that their problems will get fixed first time.


A perfect network admin is a rare breed, but their skills will always be in demand. Do you think you have the qualities of a perfect network admin, or are there areas you could work on? Let us know in the Comments box below.  


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