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3 Ways for IT Support Companies to Profit from Hardware

3 Ways for IT Support Companies to Profit from HardwareIf you work in the IT support industry, it’s inevitable that you’ll become involved in the procurement of hardware for your customers. Exactly how to involve yourself in the hardware side of things often creates a dilemma. This article presents three different ways for IT support companies to handle the situation.

1. Buy and Resell at a Mark-Up

Buying equipment through distribution channels and selling it on to customers for a profit can seem initially appealing, but it does have its drawbacks. While this method can potentially generate the most profit for your IT support company, selling the equipment yourself means you have to deal with stock, deliveries, returns on faulty goods, and the risk of customers changing their minds about products they have ordered.

2. Charge for “Sourcing Time”

If, for example, a client needs a new server and five new laptops, you could agree to bill an hour or two of consultancy for research and sourcing time. Instead of getting personally involved in the purchases, you simply research the most appropriate kit (equipment), find it at a good price, and leave the actual purchase to the customer. While the money you make here is limited to your consultancy time, you still get something out of the deal, and eliminate the risks inherent in reselling the kit yourself.

3. Use Affiliate Schemes (Programs)

Many mainstream hardware suppliers (including the likes of PC World) operate web-based affiliate schemes, which pay affiliates a percentage of the money customers spend when they access the site via a link on your website.


By operating such a scheme through your site, you can direct customers to purchase via your link(s) and receive a small commission, while leaving the financial transaction a matter between your customer and your affiliate partner(s).


How does your IT support company profit from hardware? Tell us your approach in the Comments box below.

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