If you're trying to grow a B2B technology startup, podcasting and webinars are two of the fastest ways to iterate and improve your business model. 

This way, you can get quicker and more close-to-the-point feedback from your ideal clients, your prospects. 


And there are two ways that I highly recommend that you do this.

1) Immediately start a podcast where on a very regular basis, perhaps weekly, maybe more frequently, depending on your schedule, you interview members of your target audience about what they care about.


Ask them how they got started, how they got to where they are in their careers, their favorite tip for the X, Y, Z challenge, their best advice for someone new to the space, how they keep their skills sharp. Some of the biggest mistakes they see being made in the industry and where the industry is headed.


Do 10 or 20 of these interviews, and you're going to learn a ton about what's going on inside the mind of your ideal clients, your target buyer persona. 


2) Start a webinar program regularly. If you've never done webinars before, maybe it needs to start quarterly or every other month. But ideally, you want to get this going monthly, or twice a month, or even ideally weekly.


Because in that context, you're getting together multiple people -- 5, 10, 20, a few dozen, maybe considerably more -- from your target audience, and you're teaching them, you're educating and building trust at scale. At the same time, you're able to get real-time feedback from them, not only in the chat pane and your polling questions, in your surveys.


And just by seeing who's showing up and participating, you'll learn a ton about who in your audience this is most resonating with and what to do next. 

So again, if you're trying to grow a B2B technology startup, I highly recommend that you invest in growing a podcasting program and a webinar program to accelerate your learnings.

This way, you'll figure out more about their goals, their plans, their challenges, and what it's going to take for you to align your value with the products and services that you're developing.


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