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How Data Center Cleaning Companies Attract More Clients

With the ever-growing technology boom, there is no shortage of data centers scattered across the world. How Data Center Cleaning Companies Attract More Clients

Data centers are known to be finicky environments, requiring expert tending; from dust build-up down to raised floor cleaning, it truly takes a professional to execute the proper maintenance.

Due to their fickle nature, data center professionals are quite selective with vendors they allow on their premises. These individuals place a high value on their facilities and only seek partnerships that understand and respect these boundaries.

 So how does one go about securing a contract with a data center facility?

Attracting a data center to your data center cleaning company would be the easiest way to facilitate a contract. To do this, produce content developed around your buyer personas, focus on educational content, and boost your online presence. 

Buyer Personas  

Buyer personas are fictional representations of a business's ideal client. Buyer personas are developed through extensive research, interviews with current, previous, and ideal clients, and a dash of educated speculation.

During your buyer persona research for your data center cleaning company, you will search for commonalities in your subjects for various topics such as:

  • Their challenges
  • Their goals
  • Job titles/roles
  • How they define success
  • Their career path
  • Where they hang out offline
  • Where they hang out online
  • The social media platforms they use (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • How they gather information (search engines, reviews, etc.)
  • What will get them a promotion?
  • What can get them fired?
  • Tools they use to perform their job
  • Personal demographics
  • How they prefer to purchase items
  • How they prefer to communicate
  • Their responsibilities
  • The size of their company

Once a detailed buyer persona is developed, focus on creating content to appeal to your personas. Use the commonalities you uncover in your persona research to develop content addressing these needs/opportunities.

Buyer personas help businesses attract relevant customers, score leads, and create personalized content.

Developing Educational Content

Envision the last time you encountered a pushy salesperson.

Perhaps you were aimlessly browsing a store unsure of what you wanted to purchase, and the salesperson was incessantly trying to push a product on you.

Or perhaps you were comparing vehicle models at a car dealership, and a salesperson was pressuring you to hastily make a decision.

These two examples demonstrate the importance of educational content and correlating it with various stages of the sales funnel.

“Don’t talk about your cleaning services until the middle of the funnel,” advises Joshua Feinberg, VP and Co-Founder of SP Home Run, “Services belong somewhere in the mid-part of the buyer’s journey, where they’re in the consideration or decision stage. You can go a lot wider than your products and services by providing helpful advice.”

Attracting and converting prospects becomes a lot easier when you focus on their interests, problems, and values—not yours.

With someone who is in the early stages of awareness, focus on educational content that models the importance of maintaining their data center.

For someone in the later stages of decision, it is appropriate to supply them with vendor comparatives or relevant reviews from your client base.  

Online Presence

Maintaining a strong online presence is essential to your organization’s success.

People buy from people they trust, and establishing a strong online presence will give your business the authority it needs to help build trust with prospects.

Ensure your business is frequenting relevant social media platforms; your business should maintain a business page on any social media platforms your buyer personas frequent.

Blogging helps with increasing organic search and social media views, but also using paid resources such as paid SEO and sponsored social media can boost your online presence.



Are you a cleaning company that uses buyer personas, educational content, or a sharp media presence to attract data centers? Let us know the Comments section below.



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