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How Data Centers Use the Right Content for the Right Person

When you create content that doesn’t speak to its intended audience, you are not only wasting valuableHow Data Centers Use the Right Content for the Right Person marketing resources; you are failing to inspire excitement and trust in the people who matter most to the future of your data center: current and potential clients.

Businesses today have to work hard to catch a prospective client’s attention. By some estimates, consumers are exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day, making it a major challenge for sales and marketing team to catch the attention of the ‘right people.'


It is equally difficult for consumers to know which messages to take serious and trust. The solution is to fine-tune marketing content to the clientele you are trying to attract.

Creating the right content for the right person requires you to be familiar with the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buyer’s journey. You must also know precisely who the ‘right person’ is.  The best way to identify the right fit is to create a buyer persona.

Crafting A Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is, in essence, a detailed representation of your data center’s target customers. It includes everything from demographic data, career history, challenges, pain points, goals, and more.  By creating a detailed buyer persona, you can better tailor your sales and marketing content to the ideal audience for your data center’s services.

Once you craft a buyer persona for your company, you can adjust all content and even your sales approach to ensure prospective clients receive messages that are especially appealing and relevant to their particular circumstances. Since this can result in more sales and revenue for the data center, it is worth taking the time to develop personas to have your sales and marketing team address their needs.

Reaching the Right People with the Right Content

Many companies throw their net far too wide. They try to reach as many people as possible with each sales campaign, but this approach can be counterproductive: no one enjoys feeling as though they are being spammed.

Buyer personas help you reach the right people with the right content. They indicate the needs of your target customer at each stage of the buyer’s journey and make it easier for you to tailor content creation accordingly. For example, those in the awareness stage could receive simplified how-to’s while those ready to make a decision could be targeted with a consultation.

Bottom Line

Consistently providing your target audience with the content they require to progress on their buyer’s journey will expedite the new client acquisition process. By supporting them in this way, your relationship with them will become stronger, and these prospects will be more likely to take action that turns them into qualified leads and, later, clients.



How does your data center ensure its content marketing is properly aligned with the goals and expectations of its target clientele? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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