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How Social Media Can Optimize Your Business

How Social Media Can Optimize Your BusinessIn a world consumed by social media, it is easy to get lost in all the white noise.

We see it on every platform: businesses fighting for your attention, posting advertisements without a target, desperate to make a connection with potential clients. This aimless approach might be an easy way to export content quickly but can result in losing followers, annoying potential clients, and tarnishing your reputation. To be short, too much content can be daunting for consumers. 

Luckily, there is a more effective way to promote content. Hubspot’s 2016 Inbound Sales Day featured speaker Max Altschuler of Sales Hacker to help explain how businesses can stand apart from their competitors and successfully distribute content.

Get in the “Friend-Zone”

Social media provides countless ways to research prospects.

  • Are they a sports fan?
  • Do they enjoy hiking?
  • Do they have any children?

Doing the research on potential clients gives you an easy and unique way to approach a client.

These details can help you engage with potential clients on a more personal level and give insight into their day-to-day life. Knowing these key elements can relieve some of the tension that comes with the typical sales process and help with your outreach.

Study Their Tone and Interactions

Understanding the tone of potential clients can help give you a better idea of how to approach them. Do they tend to be serious and reserved on their social platforms or do they enjoy being the center of attention and sharing funny content? Studying their tone can help you figure out the best way to approach them.

It can also be helpful to study the way a prospect interacts with others before approaching them. This can help you understand more about their personality and business style. Is there something in their speech patterns you can mirror back to them? Does this seem like someone you should approach more casually?

Share Relevant Content

While it is okay to share information about your company, keep it to a minimum. The bulk of content shared should be material your prospects would find interesting. Promote relevant blogs, studies, and articles on your platforms to retain an informative and engaging social media presence.

Stay on Their Radar

Advertisers coined the term ‘effective frequency’ to explain the number of times something must repeat before being retained; the consensus is it takes seven touches before someone will remember your brand.

Regularly sharing relevant content and engaging with their content and is an excellent way to stay on their radar. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are especially helpful tools for businesses because of their engaging environments.

Earn Their Business

Depending on the stage your prospect is in, they might not be ready to buy today. Do not be discouraged by this. You must earn your reputation and advisor status. Posting informative and relevant content on your social media today can help you close a sale later on down the line. You can earn a prospect’s trust by proving your value over time.



Have you had success using any of these practices for your business? Let us know in the Comments below.



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3 Revenue Growth Opportunities Your Business May Be Missing

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