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Marketing IT Services? 5 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

Marketing IT Services? 5 Ways to Stand Out From the CrowdThere’s no shortage of companies out there marketing IT services. You could probably name your most obvious competitors straight off the top of your head.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of IT consultancy work to go around, and there will be for as long as people and companies have an appetite for new gadgets and technology. However, it’s important to stand out from the crowd if you want your business to be a true success.

Here are five ways to tackle your IT business marketing, so you can rise above the pack: 

1. Be quirky

There’s a reason that many big companies go for catchy slogans, use irritating (but memorable) theme tunes, and feature whimsical characters in their marketing materials. It’s because these methods work, and they make customers remember them.

So, why not think about being the company with the amusing radio advertising, or the billboard that makes people talk? Why not start a quirky viral marketing campaign? Don’t be afraid to be different. 

2. Aim for cheap, or aim for expensive

It’s not the most imaginative way to separate yourself from the pack, but aiming for either the bargain basement market or the prestige market is tried and tested in all industries. After all Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz both sell plenty of vehicles.

Both approaches have their pitfalls: Going cheap will win you business, but the customers will still expect plenty from you, so make sure you can still provide a good enough service and make a profit. If you go for the prestige route, make sure you’re ready to provide a top-class customer experience, or you won’t hang on to clients for long

3. Give something away

If you really want to grab customer attention quickly, give away something for free. People are suckers for freebies, so coming up with an offer that gives something for nothing is sure to make them listen.

Perhaps think about offering free system audits, or a free tablet device with a network overhaul. It’s all about getting your foot in the door, and giving yourself the opportunity to turn a cold prospect into a long-term customer. 

4. Become a local celebrity

Don’t worry—we’re not suggesting you sign up for The X-Factor! There are far easier ways to become the local “technical celebrity.”

Why not approach your local newspaper and offer to produce a free technical Q&A column? Or just join some local Facebook groups and always be the one to quickly provide accurate answers when people ask IT questions? Before you know it, yours will be the name that springs to mind when someone’s looking for IT services. 

5. Specialize

Another way to make yourself look different, compared to the other service providers out there, is to find yourself a niche, and specialize in a specific type of support.

One market that instantly springs to mind is the market for Apple products. If your area is saturated with Windows-based IT firms, why not be the company that’s qualified to do Mac stuff too? Alternatively, you could choose a vertical market, and focus on marketing your IT services to a specific business sector.


What methods for marketing IT services have worked for you? Let us know in the Comments box below. 


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