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Outsourced CMO/Marketing Team Services for CEOs of
Growing Tech Companies Selling to the
Mid-Market and Enterprise

Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation StrategyWorkshops, Consulting, and Training

Companies that are serious about staying #1 or becoming #1 in their spaces need a holistic and differentiated strategy for growing better and faster in a digital-first world. Learn how SP Home Run helps with Digital Transformation Strategy Workshops, Consulting, and Training.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) Campaigns

Sales Productivity, Socia Prospecting, and Social Selling Training

With 57% or more of most buyer’s journeys now over before prospects are willing to speak with someone from your sales team, the shift in behavior can be really challenging for traditional sales teams. And that’s all the more reason why companies focused on the future must equip their sales teams with the right playbook to succeed and lead in the 2020s. Learn how SP Home Run helps with Sales Productivity Services (SPaaS).

Video Podcasting

Video Podcasting as a Service

In a world that moves so fast, where educating and building trust at scale is so vital, text content alone is no longer enough. Neither is audio content. However when you marry video content with audio content and text content, you’re able to appeal to nearly all content consumption preferences on both a rational and emotional level. Learn how SP Home Run helps with Video Podcasting as a Service (VPaaS).

Research Reports

Reports as a Service

If you want one of the fastest ways to assert differentiated, thought leadership in a particular niche: Research, analyze, and publish a report analyzing and sharing your findings with the world. While market research companies like Forrester, Gartner, and IDC continue to be seen as highly authoritative sources of insight among technology companies and their buyers, your company doesn’t need hundreds or thousands of employees to get in on the benefits of publishing your own research reports. Learn how SP Home Run helps with Research Reports as a Service (RaaS).


Webinars as a Service

Technology companies, especially those with an inside sales model, are always looking for ways to optimize and shorten their sales cycle. Webinars are one of the most powerful and proven ways to educate and build trust with early prospects, while accelerating those early stage prospects into qualified sales opportunities. Learn how SP Home Run helps with Webinars as a Service (WaaS).

Offline Events

Events as a Service

For many B2B technology companies, the first goal of their sales teams is getting a meeting --perhaps as little as 15 minutes over the phone -- with the right person at the right company. However in that context, the sales professional is essentially reduced to begging for attention. What if the tables were completely flipped? What if that person, or a reasonably close colleague that’s also quite influential, invested two hours of their time attending a live, in-person event with you? What if that event was purely educational, with little-to-no sales pitch, so much so that it did wonders to consistently establish trust and position your company as the go-to subject matter experts in your space? Game-changer right? Learn how SP Home Run helps with Events as a Service (EaaS).

Website Design and Development

HubSpot Content Management System (CMS)

Because of the high value of integrating core website pages with content and conversion paths that are supporting account-based marketing and inbound marketing, SP Home Run does manage website design and development projects on behalf of its clients.

However there are two caveats:

  • Clients must already be engaged with SP Home Run for at least six months before a website project can be scoped out.
  • Client must be committed to having their website migrated onto and redesigned on the HubSpot CMS.
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