Attracting Data Center Clients: Step by Step (Webinar Recording)

    Does your company need to attract more clients that are in colocation data centers or are data center end users?

    Are you part of the data center industry that includes construction firms, DCIM software providers, electricians, engineering firms, fire protection providers, integrators, power and cooling vendors, real estate brokers, and telecommunication providers, and much more? 

    By watching the recording of "Attracting Data Center Clients: Step by Step," you'll learn how to:

    • Attract the right decision makers and influencers from both colocation data centers and end users
    • Generate highly qualified leads
    • Nurture, educate, and build trust to accelerate leads into sales opportunities
    • Position you and your team as subject matter experts and trusted advisors
    • Close sales with new clients
    • Design systems that produce scalable, predictable revenue growth
    • And much more!

    Featured Presenter 

    Joshua Feinberg, Revenue Growth Strategist for SP Home Run

    Joshua Feinberg, Vice President and Co-Founder of SP Home Run

    Joshua Feinberg helps CEOs identify revenue growth opportunities that their marketing and sales teams are currently missing. With a deep specialization in the data center industry, he has presented educational sessions at HostingCon, Data Center World, and DatacenterDynamics. He has written for Data Center Knowledge, serves on the advisory council for HostingCon, and is working on the relaunch of the local AFCOM chapter. With over two decades in technology marketing and sales enablement, Joshua helps clients differentiate, get found early on in the sales cycle, achieve trusted advisor status, and command premium pricing power to drive sustained, profitable, revenue growth. 

    Wondering how much revenue your marketing and sales teams are leaving on the table? Then be sure to clear your schedule and watch this webinar recording right now.

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