Get Your Company Aligned and Working Together to Become World Class Communicators and Teachers, So You Can Differentiate, Build Trust, and Grow Revenue 

The way your clients and potential clients research and make purchase decisions has changed drastically over the past few years. Chances are your own personal buying habits have changed quite a bit too.

What process did you go through the last time you shopped for a car, planned a family vacation, or decided which new movie to see? And how has your way of doing things changed over the past few years?

Early on, back in the 2000s, most of these changes and the resulting disruption were only happening on the consumer side of things. Remember the old-fashioned travel agencies and video rental stores that were practically institutions until the late 1990s?

But today, even enterprise technology decision makers and evaluators routinely navigate their buyer’s journey on their own. They seek out helpful resources and advice on search engines and social media. This has led to the massive disruption of traditional marketing and sales playbooks.

When it comes to remaining relevant to how IT evaluators and decision makers now navigate the buyer’s journey, most B2B technology companies fall into one of two camps: leaders or laggards. 


These companies leverage their subject matter expertise and thought leadership, and invest aggressively in creating helpful, educational content. This gets their companies found very early on in the buyer’s journey. They establish trusted advisor status, close sales faster with less resistance and enjoy higher profit margins as they no longer have to do business with low- and no-margin clients.

These benefits also tend to go along with a strong company culture that makes leaders frequent winners of “best to place to work” and “fastest growing company” (think types of awards from websites like Glassdoor and Inc Magazine). 



These companies, in sharp contrast, are struggling to understand why traditional, interruption marketing no longer works like it used to. Laggards still rent mailing lists, employ armies of cold callers, send out spam emails, make big bets on large trade shows, refuse to upgrade obsolete websites that scare away mobile users and incur search engine penalties, and resort to price-cutting promotions on their websites and in their social media -- if they participate in social media at all.

Laggards face high employee turnover on their marketing and sales teams, as employees get frustrated with being forced to operate at a severe competitive disadvantage with long-outdated strategies and tools from a bygone era.


The workshop will get your company aligned around common goals, so you can attract the right strangers to your website, convert those website visitors into leads, accelerate those leads into sales opportunities, and generate more revenue with much less resistance and at much higher profit margins.


Sample Workshop Agenda 

Sample Workshop Agenda


General Session with Full Team  (9:00 am – 3:00 pm)

  1. Understanding Bad Fit (Group Activity)
  2. Participating in the Dramatic Shift In Power
  3. Rethinking the Building Blocks
  4. Answers (Group Activity)
  5. The Big 5 (Group Activity)
  6. Who’s Answering
  7. Process Matters and Key Players
  8. Rethinking Purpose (Group Activity)
  9. Crushing the Final 30%
  10. Accelerating Results
  11. Roadblocks (Group Activity)
  12. Recap and Takeaways

Executive Session with Senior Company Leadership And/Or Content Creation with Select Team Members (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm)



In order for your company to succeed at working together to become world-class communicators and teachers, so you can differentiate, build trust, and grow revenue, there needs to be

  • Senior management buy-in
  • Employee buy-in
  • Sound strategy
  • Plenty of remarkable content
  • Elimination of silos and finger-pointing

Note: Because your strategy cannot be successful without buy-in from your senior management team, SP Home Run requires that a member of senior management -- in most cases, your company president or CEO:

  1. Personally invite and require attendance from employees
  2. Provide brief opening remarks about the company’s initiative to kick-off the workshop
  3. Be present in the workshop room and participate for at least most of the day

If your company president or CEO will be unable to meet these three requirements, SP Home Run cannot deliver the workshop.


Location and Your Investment

$2,500 in South Florida (The workshop can be delivered at your South Florida office or at SP Home Run’s office in West Palm Beach. The conference center seats 22 comfortably.)
  • $7,500 in the contintental U.S., outside of South Florida.
  • Outside of the U.S.? Contact us for a price quote.
  • Preferred pricing is available for clients booking four or more workshops per year as part of an annual program.
  • Following your initial workshop, additional team-specific workshops are available for executive teams, marketing teams, sales teams,  product teams, channel teams, and HR teams. 

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