About SP Home Run Inc.

Since 1997, SP Home Run has been working with CEOs and sales directors of small businesses -- originally as technology consultants, and as digital marketing, sales, and revenue growth advisors since 2012.

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SP Home Run publishes Market Opportunity Research Reports, offers Advisory Services, and leads Training Workshops for small- and medium-sized businesses competing to win in a digital-first world.

At its core, SP Home Run helps CEOs identify revenue growth opportunities that their companies are currently missing.

Where the Company Name SP Home Run Comes From

Many small businesses struggle to scale strong market demand with their ideal clients (and achieve product/market fit.) Small companies often have one or two marquis or “home run” clients that drive a huge percentage of their companies’ revenue -- while the overwhelming majority of their client list is best characterized as “base hits” or “singles,” many of which are only marginally profitable to service.

SP Home Run helps companies like this avoid revenue over-concentration threats and achieve revenue growth that is both scalable (the “S” in SP Home Run) and predictable (the “P” in SP Home Run) by attracting more of their ideal “home run” clients, in the right places, at the right time, and in the right context.

And yes, the co-founders of SP Home Run are baseball falls.

Around the World

SP Home Run has deep industry expertise within the data center, mission critical, and cloud services industries and has worked with companies -- from venture-backed startups to publicly-traded Fortune 1,000 enterprises -- all over the globe.

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