It can be quite tedious to find the right job, especially one that fits your personal specifications. Most job seekers, today, search for jobs that offer them the opportunity for growth; somewhere they can move up the ladder.

Unfortunately, our job market is not as stable as it was thirty years ago. According to the National Business Research Institute, modern-day workers seem to change jobs more often than before due to many diverse reasons, including: “better opportunities elsewhere, low job satisfaction, unrealistic expectations of the job or the workplace, lack of challenge or feeling of accomplishment on the job, limited growth opportunities, and poor financial performance of the organization.”Provided below are the seven most important highlights the modern-day marketer or sales professional looks for when considering a new position.


(1) Opportunities for Growth

Job seekers often look for employers that will allow them to learn and grow within a company, but also as a person and a professional. Job candidates want to be treated like a part of the team and want an employer who will invest not only in hygienic workplace factors but also in time.

Having opportunities such as career development programs is not such a bad idea; in the end, it will boost motivation and increase the morale of workers. Per the annual State of Inbound Report, the opportunity for growth was the number one factor in both marketing and sales; there was an 11% difference between the two.


(2) Work/Life Balance

Job seekers also search for employers who will not only respect their time; but, will give them time to live their lives outside of the office. When employers overwork their employees, they soon become burnt out and become less effective.

We all have lives and responsibilities outside of work. It is important for employers to provide personal time to their subordinates. Per the State of Inbound Report, work/life balance was the second most important aspect to marketers at 49%, and those in sales at 45%.


(3) Compensation

Active job hunters desire to find an employer that will compensate them properly based on skills, experience, and education. Compensation was the third most important aspect for marketers and sales professionals, and the State of Inbound Report concludes that there is only a 1% difference in preference between the two groups.


(4) Culture

People who are actively on the job market, want to work at an organization that provides a positive, healthy, and motivational environment. Having a positive work environment and culture will decrease the chances of having unsatisfied employees. Statistics, within the State of Inbound Report, revealed that marketers value a strong company culture 10% more than sales professionals do.


(5) Company Performance and Location

According to the State of Inbound Report, marketers care more about location, rather than company performance at 25%. Sales professionals are much more concerned about company performance, rather than the location at 25%. Both teams' marketing and sales have opposite preferences.


(6) Colleagues

Potential candidates are not as concerned with their future team as they are about the previously explained aspects. However, the State of Inbound Report does show that marketers value their team environment more so than those in sales, with a 5% difference.


(7) Key TakeAway

The main takeaway is that there is a difference in the priorities of marketers and sales professionals. However, this is not surprising because those who hold a sales professional title probably, practice a few traditional selling methods, have increased competition, and come across as more aggressive. In a company setting, marketers get the word out there. They are generally not competing against other marketers; rather, they tend to work together.


As a job seeker, do you ever wonder why companies cannot find quality sales and marketing personnel? Let us know in the Comments Section below.


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