7 SailPoint IdentityIQ Resources for IDM Pros to BookmarkThere is a wealth of information about identity management on the web. As a busy IDM professional, how do you find the time to devote to extensive research? You don’t have to.

Use this list of seven SailPoint IdentityIQ resources to learn more about this IAM solution.

Is IdentityIQ Right for You?

SailPoint’s IdentityIQ is a governance-based IAM (identity and access management) solution that integrates compliance, password management, provisioning, and security into one comprehensive package. SailPoint future-proofs your IAM infrastructure by managing on-premise, cloud, and hybrid needs immediately. You can find out more about IdentityIQ from these three resources:

  1. SailPoint’s IdentityIQ Web PageThis web page has links to each module of IdentityIQ for more detailed information on specific features. A five-minute video also briefly introduces what makes IdentityIQ an industry leader in IAM. There are a downloadable brochure and some case studies, as well.
  2. Nine-page PDF This pdf, created by SailPoint partner CTI, provides an in-depth, comprehensive look at IdentityIQ. It includes an easy-to-read chart listing the features of each module – useful when it’s time to make the pitch to the CEO.
  3. YouTube ChannelThis YouTube channel from SailPoint has over twenty videos containing SailPoint promos, webinars, and how-to’s. Some of the videos are older. However, new videos have been added regularly over the past year.

Find Answers to Your IdentityIQ Questions

If you already are a SailPoint customer, these next four links are sites that are helpful for getting the latest news or support from fellow IdentityIQ users and experts:

  1. SailPoint Community – This resource requires setting up a free account for access, though the home page has news items you can read and videos you can view without login. The Community provides forums, documentation, white papers, toolkits, and more.
  2. The Identity QuotientSailPoint has an active blog with frequent posts. There are various categories, from News to Product Updates, and you can subscribe to receive blog articles by email.
  3. Social Media – SailPoint has a company page on LinkedIn, and a LinkedIn Group discusses best practices and coding for SailPoint. SailPoint also has a Facebook page to get the latest news and learn about upcoming events.
  4. Online Training – There are online training courses for SailPoint that are available for a fee. One example is IQ Online Learning’s 30-hour course, which is geared toward anyone wanting to learn about SailPoint’s IAM solution. It includes general principles and best practices and provides real-world examples of IdentityIQ in use.

Save Time, Save the IdentityIQ Links

These are just a few of the resources on the web for IDM professionals interested in SailPoint IdentityIQ.


If you are searching for a future-proof IAM solution, be sure to check out the links above to see if IdentityIQ meets your needs. If you are already an IdentityIQ user, the links above can help you get involved in the community and stay up-to-date with the latest news and product updates.


Do you know of any must-bookmark IdentityIQ-related sites for the identity management professional? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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