Computer consulting firms needn’t be Specialist Computer Consulting Firms Four Ideas for Your Businessone-stop shops. 

Many IT businesses are successful because they choose to specialize in a particular area of IT service provision. 

This article suggests four technical areas in which specialist computer consulting firms can find success: 

  1. Cloud Services: The ever-increasing popularity of software-as-a-service (SAAS) makes cloud computing a great area for computer consulting firms to specialize in. When Microsoft themselves are adapting their accreditations to include cloud services, it becomes clear that many people “in the know” see cloud computing as the future.

  2. Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS): Many small- and medium-sized businesses run Microsoft’s SBS product and Microsoft’s small business specialist community provides excellent support to computer consulting firms working with the technology. Being a true specialist in SBS can separate your company from those consultancy firms that simply see SBS as an offshoot of Windows Server and don’t know how to make the most of the software suite.

  3. Bespoke Databases (Custom Database Applications): Most companies reach a point in their existence when they need one or more corporate databases to store their information. These databases often become the most essential sources of information on site, with management directing a suitable amount of effort and budget toward them. If your computer consulting firm creates these databases—either in SQL, or within a package like Microsoft Access or Filemaker Pro—it places itself in an indispensible and potentially lucrative position.

  4. Mobile Services: In a world full of smartphones and tablets, computer consulting firms specializing in mobile technology are sure to be in demand. Companies need help locking down iPads and controlling staff use of their own digital devices. 

These are just four potential options for specialist computer consulting firms. What subjects does your company specialize in? Share your experiences below.

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