Gurus2Go is a “Gurus2Go An Introductionnational PC repair network” with a presence across the USA.

The company is keen to emphasize on its website that it is not a franchise operation. It is, instead, a support network, which outsources work to qualified Gurus2Go technicians.


If you are an IT professional looking to gain more paid work, you can apply to join the Gurus2Go network. Gurus2Go states the following requirements:

  • You must be an established computer engineer who is able to produce business documentation and references.

  • Your business must be properly insured.

  • You must be willing to offer a minimum 30-day warranty on any work you undertake.

Applications are carried out online through the Gurus2Go website.

Marketing and Support

Gurus2Go markets a range of IT support services to companies via their website, ranging from providing corporate IT support to assisting individual domestic users. Gurus2Go highlights, as a benefit, the fact that you are working as part of a known national brand.

Gurus2Go also provides a support service to their members, so that you have someone to contact in the event of facing a technical problem you cannot solve.


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Wikimedia Commons Image Source: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Phillip A. Nickerson Jr.

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