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IT Consulting Services – Three Niche Ideas

Let’s be honest: there is no shortage of IT consulting services available to customers. If you are starting up as an IT consultant, it may be sensible to carve out your own niche to differentiate yourself from the other firms in your area.

Here are just three niche possibilities to help you begin to get some ideas flowing:

(1) Auditing the Work of Others

If you are a very experienced IT professional, why not specialize in checking the work of others instead of climbing under desks and messing around with cables? In an industry where clients rarely understand exactly what their IT providers are doing, there can sometimes be a demand for someone to come along and verify that nothing crucial is being neglected.

(2) Retail Systems

The vast majority of businesses use one or more computers, but retail businesses, bars, and restaurants also have EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems that deal with customer transactions. Why not compliment your IT consulting services with knowledge of these systems and specialize in supporting businesses of this nature?

(3) Business Parks and Serviced Offices

Why not try to be the person who provides support to a wide selection of clients by pitching to offer support to a whole business park or serviced office community? If you can keep all of the customers sufficiently happy, you can have a ready-made client base—and all in one convenient location.


These are just three niche IT business ideas—if you try, you will think of many more.

What is your niche in IT consulting services? Share your tactics in the comments box below.  

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