Technology Solutions Three Things to Add to Your Service PortfolioIf you’re selling technology solutions, it’s wise to always be on the lookout for additional services you can offer to your clients. This article presents three of the most popular:

  1. Software Development. Adding one or more programmers to your team allows you to offer software development services. In a world where all kinds of companies are finding business benefits in producing their own mobile apps, there is definitely a strong demand. Of course, software development needn’t mean mobile apps. There’s still demand for all kinds of software tools and bespoke (custom) programs—and you’ll probably find opportunities amongst your existing client base.

  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Once companies reach a certain size, they often find themselves needing a CRM system. CRM packages are often one of the technology solutions for which customers contact specialist providers, rather than working with their main support company. You can avoid this, and capitalize on the potential business, by providing CRM solutions yourself. It’s possible to train in CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and become an expert. Once you are, you can bill significant sums for your specialist knowledge—and for reselling the software.


  3. Online Backup. All companies need to back up their data, so you should grab your opportunity to help them do so. Whether you devise your own online backup solution, or act as a reseller for someone else’s, it’s a wasted opportunity if you allow this certain revenue to pass you buy.


Which technology solutions have you used to boost your service portfolio? Share your successes in the Comments box below


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