Remarkable content is content that adds so much value to your readers that they literally have to remark on it in social media forums, Facebook walls, blog comment sections, and other online outlets. They also have to share it with their friends. How IT Companies Use Buyer Personas to Create Remarkable Content

In content marketing, creating remarkable copy requires you to know your target market. In other words, have a clear idea of whom you are writing to. Otherwise, the content will come across as author-centric, and the audience will not be inclined to share it.

If there are other copywriters on your IT company’s marketing team, lack of a clear buyer persona for the company services will require them to write to their internal readers instead, causing a lack of consistency in the overall company message. 

Defining the Audience  for Remarkable Content

Creating a buyer persona requires you to ask many questions. The basic ones are:

  • Who is your typical client?
  • What is their demographics?
  • What motivates them?
  • What influences their decisions?
  • What are their biggest challenges and pain points?

For maximum efficiency, give your persona a name, so he or she seems more real to you and the rest of the marketing team. You will find it easier to envision and identify with him or her and, consequently, create remarkable content that matches his or her interests and needs.

Maintaining Consistency

Consistent output is another element that makes content remarkable.

If you do not post at least once a week on your company’s blog, Facebook page, or Twitter, your audience will not make a habit of regularly visiting for new content. Google also takes little notice of blogs that publish less than once a week.

Best practices dictate posting on the same day each week, so people know when to expect more material.

Consistency also applies to the quality of the content, which should consistently be high.

One insightful, useful, and relevant article per week will be more beneficial to the IT company’s bottom line than five general-themed, cursory posts.

Pay Attention to Keywords

Good writing calls for equally good research, especially when it comes to keywords. For content to be found more easily by prospective clients, it should include keywords that have higher search popularity. Once you have their attention, keep it by ensuring consistency, quality, and relevancy all stay high.

Bottom Line

Incorporating buyer personas into your content marketing plan can be instrumental in producing remarkable content that attracts, inspires, and converts prospects into customers. Establishing the data center as an authoritative and reliable online presence can also create lucrative business opportunities, as people see it as a natural solution for their IT dilemmas and requirements.



Does your IT company go the extra mile to create user-targeted content, or is their approach still generic? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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IT Sales Has Changed? Is Your Team Living in the Past? Watch the Webinar Recording

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